Coco Dorm Scandal

I have been reading all the blogs all day long and i been reading the comments and i watched the investigation below that South Florida News station NBC 6 did an investigation into and Flavaworks. I do not know the full scope of the craziness but this my opinion and my opinion only. Cocodorm needs to stops harassing Bloggers: Keith Boykin, Jasmyne Cannick, C. Baptiste-Williams and Bernie Tarver for only reporting the story. Several sources have confirmed to me that in fact there are currently 4 members of the CocoDorm Models who are indeed HIV positive and that they do practice in unprotected sex acts. All because Flavaworks is trying to "damage work" after concerned people are looking into how they run their business. i did contact the offices of Flavaworks this afternoon at their Miami offices located at 2610 N. Miami Ave Miami FL telephone # 305-438-9450 and spoke to "Dorm Manager" Alex Flex who has been the main person doin the Damage control for the last 48 hrs and he explained to me that the current crop of models all pictured above are STD and HIV/AIDS Free and they run and legitimate operation and will fight vigorouly to upheld their name. Below is a state on explaining their side of the story. Alex did admit that they did have models when they were based out of chicago who were HIV positive but are no longer working for them, but according to my sources that is falsely unaccurate. It is not my job to name the names of the models who are HIV positive and i will not do that. However if they are going to continue to work for Flavaworks Inc. Safe Sex Practices needs to take place. I have witness first hand several models engaged in unprotected sex 3 months ago here in the miami at Club Twist on the dance floor in plain view for people to see. I would like Flavaworks to explain that to me. Again make sure your Is are dotted and your Ts are crossed before you start a war which indeed you will not win. You guys have messed with the wrong group of people. Keith Boykin, Jasmyne Cannick, Bernie Tarver, C-Baptiste-Williams are well respected journalists and Bloggers and should not be crossed with. I have spoken my piece on the matter and if the Flavaworks organization want to take on a battle with me please bring it on but make sure you have all your facts in order and yor story straight before you step to me. Once again below is CoCoDorm response.

UPDATE 5/10: Flava Works is preparing to file a motion to dismiss the citations and aggressively fight the city and NBC6 on these erroneous allegations.

Also, another blogger, Keith Boykin, has chosen to attack the company instead of fighting for free speech and expression. As you know, two bloggers, Jasmine Cannick and Bernard J. Tarver willingly and knowingly posted an HIV/STD story next to a picture of three CocoDorm Models, and in so doing implied that the models where HIV/STD positive. Flava Works sent a DMCA notice claiming that the images they used are copyright protected. We did not try to silence them, why would we encourage our members to voice their support if we wanted the blogs down? They simply choose to ignore the danger their implications were causing and their own webhost took action. If you read Keith Boykin's blog, you will see no mention of the real issue - that the media and city are trying to regulate what a person does in their own home, but instead, they focus on allegations of HIV & STD's. Why can't these African-American leaders stand up in support of free speech and expression instead of targeting the CocoDorm models and staff?

We have been a "condom only" company since even before our move to Miami and the often cited "Raw Thugs" is a series that has long been discontinued. While the Chicago's Department of Health may sound damning, let us clarify that first of all, as sad as it is, these numbers are in line with national averages. Also, models that tested positive for an STD were forbidden to participate in any sort of sexual group activity and were usually sent home. The discovery of the models applicant STD's status were the result of the application process, once the test results are known, the model is sent home and not permitted to work. We test our models and Chicago decided to punish us for it. The only reason the city knew about infections was because we voluntarily test. Models usually stay only 30 days at the dorm, but HIV can stay dormant for months. How can we be responsible for any of these infections? The Chicago report fails to mention that these infections are of people who are APPLYING to be a CocoDorm model.

Please visit Keith Boykin's blog and show your support of CocoDorm by posting your comments and opinions on this case!

One final thought, in the last 48 hours, we have received thousands of telephone calls, emails and support tickets in support (and a few go fuck off ones too!) and we want to thank you all for your loyalty and support. CocoDorm is not closing and we will be around for many years to come!

UPDATE 5/9: A recent news story on NBC6 ran about the CocoDorm and it was all bogus.

Our question goes to Jeff Burnside, why didn't you investigate who sent this anonymous packet which contains pictures and videos from our site along with a slanderous letter that referred to the CocoDorm as a "whore house". Remember, this packet of porn was delivered to over 25 houses in the neighborhood unsolicited.

The city of Miami came to the CocoDorm yesterday under NBC6's pressure and gave us 5 citations. Here they are:
1) Illegal rooming house. FALSE, we do not charge anyone rent.
2) Adult entertainment not permitted in C-1 zone property. FALSE, we do not run "Adult Entertainment" on the property.
3) Failure to Maintain Exterior of Commercial or Residential Property. FALSE, the lawn is cut and the yard is clean.
4) Failure to maintain lot in safe, clean condition; not allowing accumulation of debris, trash or dense growth of grass. FALSE, the yard is in good condition.
5) Illegally operating a business in a residential zone. FALSE, we are not running a business at the property, all business and servers are off-site.

We have until May 18th to correct these citations or face a fine. We will be vigorously fighting this matter in court and seek to reveal the persons and company behind this "anonymous" letter and seek civil damages.

Also, it seems that a handful of self-proclaimed black gay and lesbian leaders are denouncing the CocoDorm and the models, implying that our models have STD's and are practicing unsafe Sex. We encourage our members to show their support of the CocoDorm by visiting these bloggers and posting comments to their blogs in favor of CocoDorm and the models.

Jasmyne Cannick
Darian Aaron
C. Baptiste-Williams

Let us assure you that the CocoDorm is 100% SAFE and we will not close.

To the thousands of members, we ask that you show your support. Here is how:
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2) Visit NBC6 Miami's video footage here and post comments and rate the video

CocoDorm Staff & Models!!